Waze for Windows Phone Beta

This page is a summary of my experiences as a Waze App Beta Tester

You can take advantage of reading this log, in order to get a glimpse of what is coming out, what is missing and what is failing in one of the most popular app in the world: Waze. All of this, for the beta of the Windows Phone version.

I also think this may be interesting if you want to know about the reactions of an advanced user (with great experience in app features planing and development) testing an app, for you to get ideas to improve your own.

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July 23, 2013

Today was my first day with waze beta for windows Phone. Unfortunately, I was waiting for having an email telling me the beta was ready to download. But it never came. Just for curiosity I went to the site and found that we are now weeks away from the first published beta.

I downloaded it and it took me at home. So I'll have to wait until tomorrow for experimenting it. I almost got my car and start running out in the middle of the night just to test the app. Nevertheless, I was able to submit a couple of suggestions and three or four bugs :)

I'm feeling great about testing this app. I had some doubts about how to edit the maps and things like that, and I solved them visiting waze.com. I hope tomorrow I can have a really good experience with this beta. I'll keep you posted.

July 24, 2013

This was my first day with the app guiding me through the traffic. The performance was great. Almost as great as the battery consumption. You better connect your phone to your car charger if you want to keep it alive after you get down.

I don't know if it is by design, but I got frustrated by not having landscape orientation enabled on my Windows Phone (Lumia 920).

Nevertheless, the routes indication was awesome. A way better than those from Nokia Here. The fact that people can correct routes is a great advantage here.

I got my destination (a meeting in an unknown place) very easily with the help of Waze. And get out of there very easy too. One thing that could be better though, was Waze telling me where to park. It didn't showed me a near parking lot, but one that was like 6 blocks away. Later, when I came home, I reviewed the Waze map on my desktop browser, and the parking lot  was identified in the map. So I don't know why it didn't appeared in the search results when I needed it. I had to open Nokia Here to look for near parking lots. That is how I noticed there was one just one block away. I must say that Nokia Here ships a very good info about parking lots.

As I said before, I came home and got myself into waze.com. And edited the map creating the zone where my new apartment will be (it wasn't created, because it is a new construction). I tried this yesterday, but wasn't able because Waze demands you make a real drive using it, before you can edit things on the map.

So I made my editions, and looked in the mobile map, but not finding my editions reflected yet. I guess it will take some time while someone authorizes the changes I made. I will tell you how long does it take (if my changes are indeed approved).

One last thing that was kinda dissappointing for me: When I went to see my dashboard on waze.com (I don't know if this is because this was just my first day using Waze) all my stats were in zero (points, milleage, etc) And my profile appears really buggy: some numeric labels  with the value: NaN, and so on. I hope tomorrow this will be corrected too. I'll let you know.