Experience for granted to developers

En esta sección llevo una bitácora de los cambios que voy ejecutando sobre mi sitio, con el fin de que me sirvan como referencia dada mi saturada memoria y de la misma manera, que para ustedes sea una referencia de todos los ires y venires que puede tener el desarrollo de un sitio Web ASP.NET MVC 4 desplegado en Windows Azure WebSites. Los cambios vienen listados en orden cronológico desde los más nuevos a los más viejos.

v 0.0.1. 072513 (03:13) I needed a way to expose a new section in my site: The Waze Daily Journals, since as a beta tester for the version for Windows Phone, I wanted to let the community learn from my experience. I also wanted this section to be nice to read, so it was time to let my site taste some CSS. I'm not a very experienced CSS cook, but there is some fast CSS food around, ready to be downloaded and digested. One of the best, Bootstrap from Twitter. Twitter Bootstrap is a free collection of tools for creating websites and web applications. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, charts, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions. It is the most popular project in GitHub and is used by NASA and MSNBC among others. I know it has been overused and polluted. But is a very good tool to get up and running with a good UX for standard websites. Thus, this lead me to download the folders and include them in my solution. After that, I found mysefl rewriting a lot of razor code, so I created 5 partial views, to avoid this. Actually, I'm now planning to create a Master page for even more code reutilization and organization. I did not do that from the beginning, because all I wanted was to have a very fast solution with minimal efforts. So that is what I did and it was a success because I was on air very soon and then I could start making continuos improvements as this one. Remember: Release often, release fast!

v 041413 (23:37) This entry was added just to prove the WebMatrix Integration in the development of my site. The integration include the ability to get latest version from TFS and then deploy straight to Azure WebSites. Some difficulties appeared, like when you get the latest version from WebMatrix, you need to choose only the folder with the website, because chances are that you have a big solution under TFS, and if you download all the solution, then when you deploy the site, the paths will no match, and you will end up with a duplicated website. You have to take into account that WebMatrix just will be useful to edit razor or aspx pages. Don't dream about modifying the classes of your solution. So, that being said, if you just want to change a typo in a page, or add a new razor statement, WebMatrix will help you if you don't have the whole VS thing installed. Otherwise, you will need the big IDE to change your classes. You will also need to deploy just the files you modified. Otherwise, WebMatrix will try to upload even the *.cs that you have built in your website. (This not happens when you publish from within Visual Studio, so be careful, if you don't want to expose your code). The good thing is that using WebMatrix you can do simple changes in a faster and simpler way.

v 041413 (22:03) Now the Cleank facility provides TAGS handling, so it is possible to add tags to a Cleank and then search thru those tags. This was implemented using a second table in Windows Azure tables. This second table has a tag as its RowKey and a second column called "cleanks", where all the cleanks that has that tag associated are stored separated by commas. Each time an existing tag is assigned to a cleank, this column is updated. This strategy was great to make search by tags in a very fast way. When you find the tag it is easy to list each cleank, and then the user choose the one he needs.

v 041413 (02:00) MVP implementation of Cleank achieved. This time all integrated in this single WebSite (Lightswitch replaced). SQL Azure replaced by Azure Tables. Now I can say goodbye to
Cleank manager made as a webform, in order to test mixing capabilities between MVC and WebForms, and to get the manager running ASAP. The results were very good using this route config: routes.IgnoreRoute("content/webforms/{filename}.aspx"); And a route to redirect to So just typing, takes me to the managing WebForm. This webform ships a pin while authentication is implemented on my site.
This ChangeLog was added!
Kred info added to the home links. Have you cheked Kred yet?
"New" section added to the home, in order to show the last feature implemented in my site.

v 040713 Some minor bugs of v smashed. Conceptual implementation of my own Url Shortener: Cleank made, by using SQL Azure on the backend and a Lightswitch HTML5 for managing the utility.

v 040113 Extended biographic info published. Partial view used for the intro to the bio in the home, and in the bio page itself. RouteConfig modified to accept navigation to special files such as BingSiteAuth.xml. This was done this way: routes.IgnoreRoute("{filename}.xml");

v 031513 On the air again after months of being down with the Silverlight Version. This new version is based on MVC and is intended to look good on every platform. Home implemented